Social Protection

Social Protection

The social protection interventions implemented by the organisation include Community Home Based Care, child protection strengthening, Community based growth monitoring, Primary health care outreach, Basic education support, Cash transfers and local rights based programming.

Current project

Local Rights Programme (with support from Action Aid International Zimbabwe)


To contribute to the attainable of just and accountable governance through empowerment of people living in poverty and the most excluded groups, especially women and girls as well as youth to realise, claim and enjoy their rights.


  • Promote improved livelihoods and enhanced rights to land and natural resources for at least 4000 rural smallholder producers (2500 being women and 1500 being men) and their families

  • Advance the political influence of 20000 people living in poverty (3000 adult women, 6000 young women, 2000 men, 9000 youth and children) to hold government and corporate accountable